Welcome to the Sturge-Weber Foundation’s Champion’s Learning Center! The SWF’s President and CEO, Karen L Ball, shares her story about what it is like to be the parent of a child diagnosed with Sturge-Weber syndrome and how the SWF can be a resource for you, your family and associated caregivers in the new blog section coming soon! The Champion’s Learning Center is a place to learn more about the particular aspects of Port Wine Birthmarks, Sturge-Weber syndrome, or Klippel-Trenaunay that you need at your fingertips today or for a lifetime. The Champion’s Learning Center is a natural evolution from the days of “snail mail” and phone calls to online learning when you need it in a variety of presentations for your personal use.
Medical Matters: Information about syndromes
Studies and Science: SWS Registry, Clinical Research, SWF Initiated Research, NIH Initiated/Funded Research and Drug Development
Library: Blogs, Wellness and Patient Resources and the Branching Out News Magazine
Network and Connect:  Find out how you can meet others through social media, support groups, education forums, conferences and more
Media Center: The Media Center is a resource to learn and obtain new insights on the medical management, emerging and ongoing research endeavors, and quality of life issues impacting the individual and their caregivers. The SWF recognizes due to the distance, medical matters and financial constraints that not everyone will be able to gain the greater value of attending an in person event such as an Educational Forum or International conference. These presentations are here from our home to yours so we can be an educated and confident force as we join forces around the world.We hope you enjoy them and look forward to your suggestions for future presentations!