Welcome to the No Guilt Zone!


This portion of the website is meant to inspire, uplift and engage you to be free of guilt for whatever the reason and to create awareness to build strong bodies that can ably carry you for your journey with SWS, KT or a birthmark.  Ill health can begin with a random guilty thought, an anxious or depressed emotion, and progress to an ill spoken or poorly timed word we wish we could recapture the moment we said it. These thoughts and emotions begin to take a toll on our physical body and immune system which may progress to chronic conditions. Let’s face it...we are all worth some tender loving care and charity begins at home! The SWF active social networks have been wonderful resources to share information on the medical aspects and in many cases also giving emotional support to one another.


The SWF welcomes your suggestions for articles, content or resources that have worked for you in maintaining a healthy mind, body and spirit. There is a readers’ comments area for each section, please submit and share with our readers. Wellness means different things to each individual based on life circumstances and imprinting from an early age.  A SWS or KT diagnosis are progressive and lifelong. The sooner we learn or re-learn more loving ways to cope with the unexpected or ongoing stressors related to the diagnosis we will be generating wellness to last a lifetime.

Recently, there has been a shift in some medical practices in various parts of the country to become more integrative in their treatment regimens. This type of practice has been active in the cancer community for many years but has not been widely accepted in mainstream practice specialties’ such as neurology and ophthalmology. In response to growing member inquiries, the SWF began this section of the website to assist our members and their caregivers in their search for more integrative practices and caregivers so they can develop healthy mindsets, strong bodies and calmer spirits.